With the popularity of mobile apps and font use on the web, the structure of font licensing has been rapidly evolving. So a client who needs to license for all uses will have several license documents. Is common a client will require a CPU-based license for the installation of the fonts on computers, with or without an upgrade to cover broad distribution of non-editable documents with the fonts embedded – PDF publishing, Flash use, etc.- with separate license documents to cover: mobile app  , web use (the serving of the fonts into the cache of web browsers). Below is the description the licensing options for each type of use:

One -User License

The one-user license is for one workstation plus limited use on a portable or home computer.


CPU license based on the number and location of computers on which you want to install the font. The End User is the person or company on whose computer the fonts will be installed. This will also be the name on the End User License for all fonts ordered.

Multi- User License

A multi-user license authorize the user to install the fonts on a limited number of computers. Licensed multi-user must belong to the entity (company or organization) licensing the fonts.

Multi- User License with Limited Distribution

This license allows installation of the fonts on a specified number of machines, so long as all of the licensed computers belong to the entity (company or organization) licensing the fonts, and to distribute the fonts to a specified number of users outside your entity with a special End User License Agreement (EULA) that limits use of the work to the Licensee. Please contact us for a quote.

PDF Publishing Non-Editable

This upgrade adds additional embedding rights to a CPU license. The base license permits embedding of the fonts into non-editable files for output. If you need to embed our fonts in a non-editable PDF that will be distributed to more than 100 recipients, or if you are using the fonts in Flash (or any similar technology which embeds font data) then you will need this upgrade. The cost is a one-time fee of one-third of the original CPU License price with a fee of € 50 per style.

Extended Firm License

This is the broadest CPU license we offer. A client purchasing this license is permitted to install the fonts on all workstations owned by the entity (company or organization) licensing the fonts, and to distribute the fonts to anyone outside their entity with a special End User License Agreement (EULA) that limits use of the fonts to work for the Licensee.

This license can be extended for a corporate identity if in addition to internal use, the fonts need to be used by affiliates, dealers, distributors, agents, or suppliers of the licensee, in order to create and maintain a brand. This license can also work very well for a brand campaign which crosses many agencies and countries.


A license for an application will be required if the font data needs to be distributed with the application. This is often the case for iPad apps, games, and kiosks, among others.

Mobile App License

Pricing is based on the number of fonts, number of applications, the duration of the license and if the app will be used outside the iPad/iPhone environment. The Mobile App Pricing Chart is available for viewing.

Video Game License

Pricing is per game title and is based on the number of fonts and game platforms.

Server-Based Applications

Any web or server-based application which allows an end user to choose a typeface and add text using the typeface would fall into this category. The license fee is a flat rate per server and per application.

Other Distribution (OEM) Licenses

Pricing is based on the device environment, number of fonts, and whether the fonts will be available for other uses by the End User.


You may not use our typefaces without permission, nor may you alter or add formats for web use without permission write to